"Coorg Escapade - Yes, it was tough and outside my comfort zone and I like it that way and we are meeting again!"

Deepa Bhat, Warrior of the hills winner from The Coorg Escapade 2015


"While we wait for the lovely pictures from the event I could not stop myself from writing this on our wall. First of all all of you guys and girls behind the Coorg Escaped 2015 please take a bow....you all did a fantastic job ... does Super fantastic sound funny. My first tryst with Coorg Escaped thanks to my Coorg friend and fellow runner Pavithra Muthana for forcing me and my friends Manoj Kutty, Ramesh Hariharan, Suchindra Potnis, Bonny Warjiri & Sujay Shalavadi from White House apartment R T Nagar to run the 10K. The trek to Tadiandamol was just awesome. The guides were superb. It was a strenuous one though but after reaching the top I felt every bit of strain and pain was worth it. The soothing rendition with guitar by Jayant if I am not wrong was wow and the yoga by Natasha was relaxing. After a tiring trek was not sure of making it for the run ...but how can we stay back and not do what we came for. The 10KM run was through some beautiful and marvelous points. The uphills breath taking and if someone feels downhill is easy ...you will take back your words. The water station at the 4.5 K U turn had adequate supply of cool Enerzal or was it Nutralite drink. But it was refreshing. All the volunteers enroute where very active and cheering the runners. Post run breakfast ...wow what a spread. Could not have asked for more. The way the run was started by firing a gunshot and the traditional Coorg delicacy in the breakfast spread just added the extra flavor to the run. Was so very encouraging to see the Flashbulbzz Photography gang enroute capturing us in their cameras....waiting to see the pictures. Finally how can the appreciation note of COORG Escaped 2015 be complete without the mention of the Jeep ride from the parking space to the Start up line Will surely come back next year. Thanks once again really appreciate all the efforts taken to make the long weekend a memorable one."

Sudhir Shetty, Finisher at last year’s Coorg Escapade


"A wonderful event which was very  well organised. I pity for people who ran the Killer 3-5K stretch. Beautiful scenery, Happy faces, Less crowd and Wonderful management. Made our weekend and trip was worth the 380KM bike ride. Thanks and keep up the good work."

Thanuj Kumar, Finisher from the last Coorg Escapade


"Toughest uphill trail I faced till now --- that was heavenly and worth it . As I reached Up the hill I was confused whether to run back or stand there and see the beauty. Good Job Team"

Satish Bahaddur, Finisher from the last Coorg Escapade


"The Coorg Escapade was just as it promised.....took my breath away : )

What a wonderful experience!!!"

Saritha Kaveriappa, Finisher from the last Coorg Escapade


"Thank you for the opportunity for the wonderful event being the first of its kind it was pretty well executed. Looking forward to more such events. Kudos to the organizers, sponsors and the wonderful participants"

Henna Mulleth, Finisher from the last Coorg Escapade