A. Coorg Talent Foundation

Identify the top 5 local talents in the trail running and the road cycling categories. These talents will be supported with the right equipment and will be trained by professionals in the respective fields. The talent will be put through a training workshop at the Coorg Adventure Club and these sessions will be lead by experts in the field of running & cycling. If funding permits, these talents will also be sponsored to participate in leading competitions across the country.

B. Responsible Tourism

At The Coorg Escapade 2016 we will be taking the following steps to ensure responsible tourism:

  • Leave no trace – We have adopted the principles of leave no trace.
  • No Plastic – As plastic has been banned in Coorg recently, we will ensure that no plastic is used at any stage of this event.
  • Noise pollution – We will be sensitive to sound and noise and decibel levels will be at a minimum.
  • Air Pollution – No private vehicles will be allowed past the nearest town Cheyandane. A shuttle service will transport participants and audience to and from the venue.