The Coorg Escapade sets out to be India’s premier outdoor sports festival.

It will take place on the 2nd October, 2016.

The Coorg Escapade was organized for the first time in 2014 but was restricted to just a 10K Trail run. This trail run took runners through hills, coffee plantations, waterfalls and hills. All our efforts were focused on ensuring that it was a breathtaking experience for the runners.

Then came the second edition of The Coorg Escapade in 2015 which saw a wider array of events and a lot more participants. Besides the Trail Run, we introduced Road cycling, Mountain Biking and Kayaking through the mystical hills, coffee plantations and the serene Kakkabe river.

The encouraging response and positive post event feedback has given us the confidence to take this property to a whole new level this year whilst still maintaining the ideal objective of offering a competitive yet unforgettable experience.

We present to you India's first full-fledged outdoor sports festival - The Coorg Escapade.

This adventure filled and adrenalin charged weekend will see events such as Trail Running, Mountain Biking, Kayaking and a few more.

Almost all events are prize money based and our aim to India's top talent and make it one of the most challenging yet satisfying events in the country.

Accompanying the events will be live music, food and market selling local produce.

Participants will be exposed to Coorg culture and hospitality and we hope you will leave wanting more.

We look forward to seeing you in Coorg!