Events that bring out the best in you!


A high speed high intensity kayaking race as you glide and cut through the mystical Kakkabe river.

Trail Run

Lose yourself in the picturesque hills of Coorg as you put your endurance to the test in ourfor the Trail Run that will take you past hills, plantations and a waterfall.


Race past streams, plantations and hills while soaking up nature's true beauty. 70% of the route will be off road and 30% will be on tar roads.

This is a unique proposition for athletes who are interested in participating in 3 events at The Coorg Escapade – 10K Trail Run or 21K Trail Run, 24K Mountain Biking Race & the 100 metres Speed Kayaking Race.

Save the Date – October 2nd, 2016.

The Coorg Escapade is an event you can never afford to miss. Come with your loved ones and participate in the series of events which will test your endurance.